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Shedwood updates with a new look!

The new Tape Transport Design menu is live here at Shedwood.

In an effort to improve site navigation and give the site a tape deck feel... Many Updates still to come.

In celebration of the New Design Shedwood.com is rolloing out new Recording, Studio Design and Macintosh Consulting services.

Shedwood clients can now purchase support services quickly and easily with Pay Pal by visiting the updated service page. Prepaid / Post Sessions available in 1/2 Hour and Hourly increments.

Shedwood is proud to offer prepaid telephone technical support for macintosh based music recording systems.

New client testimonials page coming soon!

More updates coming soon.......

The Light Audio Reality CD is Almost here!!!

Now available by private e-mail request. 99$ for 99 Tracks Mono and stereo FX - Exclusively from Shedwood An Official Public Worldwide release is due in 2003.


Spanning the breakthrough experimental 1994 recordings to current E.T. samples for the 21st century of special effects!!! After keeping this work underground for seven years it is time to release the first series of special effects and experimental works!

Woodshed Studios

Musical Composition, Lyrics , special effects design and soundscape composition.

Audio Engineering Services - MP3 remix/remastering/conversion, Radio editz,

Woodshed Productions

Creative Artistic Consultation and Production Assistance

Woodshed Technologies

The sound of tommorows guitar today! Electric guitar special effects system design and consultation.

"The only limit is your imagination"


Woodshed Studios
Woodshed Productions
Woodshed Technologies
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